The attached autopsy picture of JFK's  head  has been  rotated  90 degrees to the right as shown. The purple lines are projections of the edges of the v-shaped evulsed opening depicted immediately above JFK's right eyebrow. The green line bisects the angle between the two lines, and presumably lies directly within the plane of the trajectory of the fatal head shot. The yellow line would  parallel the upright edge of the rear seat, and the red line the top of the seat. In other words, what we see depicted  is the image of the dead president 'squared' exactly into the rear seat of the limousine.This illustration would be very close to what actually would have been the case if JFK been sitting absolutely upright, with his head turned neither to his left or his right, nor inclined neither upward or downward. However, in actual fact Zapruder frame #312 shows that JFK's head  was  inclined both forward and downward, and is also leaning to the left. The more to the left his head turns , the less the evulsed wound 'squares' with a shot originating from the TSBD ... and note that even in the absolutely upright position that would be, to say the least, not indicated. The more his head inclines downward, the more the trajectory of the head shot becomes elevated away from the horizontal. By re-orienting   the autopsy head picture and superimposing it on the image of JFK's head on Z.#312, it can be seen that the green line  now indicates that the trajectory   of the bullet  intersects JFK's head at an even steeper angle  than if he had been seated  in a perfectly upright position, and it  is then  even more skewed  away from  the direction of a line running back to the TSBD.    
What  the foregoing implies,  is that the position of JFK's head as depicted  in Zapruder frame # 312  is inconsistent with what the geometry of the  head wound  indicates. In other words,  it further  evidences the fact that  what we are looking at  is quite simply a deliberately contrived illusion of JFK's head .    
Additionally,  the adduced  trajectory by extension   points to two possibilities   in relation to the determination  of the location from which the head shot was fired. The first is the post-office building, and the second is the grassy knoll. In due course  as  the thread proceeds, it will be shown that  the head shot could not have originated from the  latter location.  However,  that  will take quite some time to explain, and it  will  be directly  related to showing  how (and why)   the entire   sequence of Zapruder  frames following the head shot,  and right through to  the end of the footage,  continued  deceptively to  obscure   what  actually was happening in the rear section of the limousine.  For those who  may be interested, it is strongly recommended  that they read the Warren Commission's description  of the  testimonies of  Jackie Kennedy, John and Nellie Connally, Clint Hill, Roy Kellerman, and Bill Greer. Messsrs. Specter and Rankin  continually 'jump question' these witnesses  from  the head shot directly to arrival  at Parkland.   Despite  their firsthand    experiences,   not one of these people was  provided with the least opportunity to develop  any kind of description  of what  actually took place in the  back of the vehicle subsequent to the head shot; . and  for very good reason, it would have  totally demolished the case they were building to show that the  head  shot was fired from the TSBD.  However, we'll get back to all of that later in the thread      
\                                                                                     Zapruder frame #312 
                                                                The green line  indicates the trajectory of the bullet  
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