Simple IRLP usage information

The Internet Repeater Linking Project (IRLP) facility can be accessed in the SVARC area on the VA3SDG Repeater 444.450+ Mhz PL 110.9 Hz (node 2804)

The IRLP can be used in two different ways: 

1. You can connect from one repeater to another repeater (there are over 3000 repeaters worldwide with IRLP access) or 
2. You can access a channel on an IRLP reflector which is a computer on the internet backbone that has very high bandwidth available. The IRLP reflector will send any incoming audio on each of it's channels to any other repeater logged in to that reflector channel, so conferences with a large amount of other users are possible.

Below is an example of the reflector activity chart from the 9000 IRLP reflector.  The reason for showing this page is to indicate that each reflector has a number of channels, and that you can log into any one of up to ten channels on each reflector. How many channels are available on any given reflector will depend on the bandwidth available to that reflector from it's supplier.

The numbers in the channels columns are the number of IRLP user nodes currently connected to that reflector channel. For example, if you log into the western reflector, REF9250, you would enter 9250 on the keypad. You end up in channel zero on that reflector.

You can also log in as follows:

Enter 9251 to access channel 1 on the Western Reflector.
Enter 9252 to access channel 2 on the Western Reflector.
Enter 9253 to access channel 3 on the Western Reflector.
Enter 9254 to access channel 4 on the Western Reflector.


Each of these channels carries a different conference so a given reflector can have as many as ten different sets of conferences (link groups) occurring simultaneously.

You log out by entering 73 on the keypad

Explore the IRLP web site for detailed information on using IRLP

Reflector Summary



City Total Nodes   0     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9  
REF9000 Vancouver              
REF9010 Discovery Reflector                      
REF9050 NorthEast Reflector              

Alaska Reflector                
REF9200 Crossroads Reflector 18         
REF9210 Raleigh                      
REF9250 Western Reflector 30  14  14             
REF9300 Saskatoon Reflector                      
REF9310 Fredericton                      
REF9350 LAX - [WALA] Hub 11  11                   
REF9450 Dallas              
REF9500 Sydney - Virtual PUB                  
REF9700 Lancaster                      
REF9730 Indiana Regional                      
REF9750 Stafford                      
REF9870 Denver Reflector 10             

You can also link directly from one IRLP node to another without using a reflector. Go to the IRLP web site dynamic status page and view the IRLP node list.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with IRLP and get lots of contacts.

NOTE:   --------->>>    On Wednesdays and Sundays at 8:00 pm there is an ARES Ontario net on reflector 9005. All are welcome to check in via VA3SDG.
                                        9005 is channel 5 of the Vancouver 9000 reflector.