SVARC Activities from October 2011 to March 2012

Our October 2011 General Meeting introduced Geoff Bawden (VE4BAW) - President of RAC - via Skype as our guest speaker. All enjoyed his overview of the existing organization, its issues and concerns and the intentions for future development.


In fall 2011 it was suggested that we could use the VE3MTA repeater for part of our Monday night nets, to make ourselves familiar with switching repeaters and to provide testing for this repeater.  We have done so since that time.


In November 2011, we planned for our 2012 election of officers to guide our club.  We also made plans for our Christmas party at which time, the Ham of the Year Award would be presented.  Plans were made to offer an Advanced Ham Radio course and elections were held – see our home page for this information.


In December 2011, we had a very well attended Christmas party at the Spotlight Restaurant on Pitt St. where a trophy was to be presented.  Earle DePass (VE3IMP)   read the criteria and then asked that Patricia (VA3PUR) present the trophy.  Much to the amusement of those attending, she presented the trophy to Earle to his great surprise!!


In January 2012 we were advised that our newsletter was now to be known as “The Resonator”.  Jim Richardson (VE3AFV) continues to be our editor.


In February 2012 Earle (VE3IMP) was our representative volunteer to The Canadian Ski Marathon. The Raisin River Canoe Race planned for April 22, 2012 was mentioned as of possible interest to our club as a volunteer event. Our support of the Cornwall Children’s Treatment Centre Bike-a-thon will continue.


Our first winter Fox Hunt was scheduled for Jan. 28, 2012.  However, it was cancelled due to poor weather and replaced by a series of “Armchair Fox Hunts” which took place after the Monday night nets.   The real Fox Hunt will be rescheduled for warmer times.


In February 2012 our guest speaker was Harold Hamilton (VE3UNK) from the Canadian Ski Marathon.  


Our March 2012 meeting speaker was Alan Boyce (VE3LNH) who presented us with a talk titles “ Telescope Diaries” – South American Wanderings and the Las Campanas Canadian Observatory  1979-1980. 


Each of our monthly meetings featured our usual 50/50 draw and refreshments.