north alley title

North Alley is the nom de tune for Doug Gifford, a musician from Gananoque Ontario.

A Bunch of Great Old Songs

Here are some old pop tunes I recorded last month, and a couple of my own. Just piano and vocal, no video, no fancy interface : a bunch of great old songs . This is what you'll hear if you see me play solo at a classy restaurant. I don't play at un-classy restaurants.

TDK Jam at the Stonewater

Tom St. Louis, Doug Gifford & Kevin Head make themselves comfortable and just jam for a couple of hours from 8 to 10 on Tuesday nights. Sorry, no videos or recordings yet, but we sure have fun.

But that's not all, folks

fireslide: the world's most versatile guitar slide

Old Pal Minnow Bucket Band


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