Welcome Web By Punch  Armstrong played for the Leafs for 21 seasons (1187) games. He was captain for 11. Nicknamed ‘The Chief’ for his native heritage.He was the leader of the Maple Leafs and is presently a scout for them. He scored the cup clinching goal into an empty net in the 1967 finals. The last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup. George Armstrong #10 I have been a fan of the Leafs since the   summer of 1951 when Bill Barilko went missing.This site is dedicated to the greatest Leaf GM/Coach of them all Punch Imlach and to  ‘Punch Imlach’s Leafs. Remembering the glory years of 6 team hockey when Punch and his Leafs were on top of the hockey world. ....Punch1943  Punch’s Toronto Maple Leafs July 1958, at the age of 40, the Leafs hired Imlach. In Nov Imlach was named GM Imlach  had a preference for older players. 3 years later, Imlach led the Leafs to their first Stanley Cup in 11 years. He won three more Cups in 1963, 1964 and 1967.On April 6, 1969,  Imlach was fired by the Leafs. He returned to the Leafs as GM from 1979-81. George ‘Punch’ Imlach Johnny Bower played 15 seasons in the NHL. The last 12 for the Leafs. He Was the goaltender on 4 Stanley Cup Winning teams and won the Vezina Trophy in 1961 and 1965. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1973. His nickname was ‘The China Wall’. Johnny Bower #1   THE  CHINA  WALL            CHIEF      GM and COACH © Punch’s Maple Leafs 2012.   I’m looking for pix of  Andre Champagne, Les Kozak, Jack Martin, Kim Davis and Bill McCreary and others shown here that aren’t in Leaf uniform to complete the site. ...Thanks Punch1943 * Links to other Web Sites Created by Punch1943 PUNCH 1943 FOLLOW ME ON
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