Hey ... Thanks for checking out my site! I am a songwriter/guitar player who has written a bunch of songs and poetry . There are some here plus I have a bunch of newer stuff

Let me know what you think of the music. It was my first attempt at recording on a ZOOM 1266 that I rented and I only have 4 recorded so far and they are pretty rough. (You'll know why I am looking for a singer). Hovering over the left and right columns will display lyrics. Hovering and Clicking will play an MP3 clip for red songs only.

I'd like to get a band or duo together or join an existing band to perform and record original music (doesn't have to be mine). It would be nice to hear some of my material with someone who can actually sing, so if you're willing to give it a try, I'll drive as far as T.O. , north to Peterborough and East to Belleville.

I play a Jeff Beck Strat (mostly rythm but I can pull off a few leads, I played all guitars and bass on the recordings) through a Peavey Delta Blues amp with an effects unit. I also play a low-end Martin acoustic cutaway for some songs. I can play a bit of bass in a pinch and can sing a bit of backup.

Just in case I didn't mention, I AM NOT REALLY INTERESTED IN DOING COVER TUNES, sorry; however, I like Neil Young, Three Days Grace, Zeppelin, Evanescence, Pink Floyd, Three Doors Down, Cold, Finger Eleven, Melissa Etheridge, Deep Purple, and a lot of other bands (not necessarily in that order)
I would welcome any comments, critique or advise on content, structure etc. email mirrordog
All lyrics, music and poetry written by David Lingard. All rights reserved. Copyright laws prohibit the copying of material on this site. Please respect the creative rights of all original artists. Thank you.

  • gone fishin

    A silence so absorbing ... it takes away your breathe
    And every step you take, resounds upon your thoughts
    Reminding you of days gone by, you follow in his footsteps
    And what a thrill, even still, when they get away
    A silence so absorbing ... it takes away my heart
    And leaves a little note for you ... gone fishin in the dark.


    If I am a dinosaur ... please close the door
    After all is said and done ... I must face extinction
    Yet often I wonder could I, would I, should I, have been something more ...
    If not for the storm that was you ... the genetics of truth
    And the environmental manipulation of my youth ...
    If I am a dinosaur ... no longer will I fight this war ...
    no longer will I write these words ...
    Please close the door.

    hidden tears

    I see them ...
    ... those misty eyed moments of sadness and joy
    ... the waters that cleanse your soul
    ... the salt of your emotions ...
    ... the ultimate expression of love
    hiding there behind ... your fear of life

    what right have i?

    What right have I to cloud the skies on bright and sunny days ...
    to wish for sunshine all day long while farmers pray for rain ...
    to shed a tear for long lost love while many cry each day in pain ...
    from hunger gnawing at their hearts ... I hang my head in shame ...
    What right have I to change the world ... that all might live in peace ...
    to care enough ... to love enough ... to live enough ... What right have I ?
    I find the right is mine to calm my selfish mind with rhyme sublime

    terra del sol

    Perhaps it is the context ... to be so similar I'm sure ...
    Is just coincidental ... a cross you must endure
    You live and breathe each day away ... in constant changing phase ...
    From passiveness to restless rage ... your moods are on display ...
    And we our water lies within ... our fire inside our hearts
    Our mountains rise above our hopes ... our storms tear us apart ...
    If only we could shine like you ... a battle would be won ...
    To share your space with true respect ... Third planet from the sun


    One day, someday, comes along, high tech matter transportation unit
    Not mass, just fast, point A point B, type widget
    Push button, all done, be where you going ...
    Till then, often, fix em up again ...
    Or ride bike, our psyche, not on road yet ...
    In shop, non stop ... like old clunkers

    out of key

    Love is the pain in losing you ... the hurt in hurting you
    It is the tears and fears that fill my dreams
    And worse still ... it is the voice within singing songs of truth
    out of key as usual

    web page virgin

    anticipating, hesitating, I have undressed myself for the world to see
    tool in hand, I thrust forward blindly,
    determined to succeed ... to plant a seed ...
    ... next time I'll go slow ... growing ...knowing
    empathic to your needs

    fair game

    It serves you right ... lying there, in the open ...
    your wild pungent scent beckoning ...
    It serves you right ... lying there, on the floor ...
    how could she pass you by ...
    for somewhere inside, she is an animal , like I

    the taste of you

    every space of you has the taste of you
    every day i crave the sweet that is you
    As I walk through this desert called life ...
    my only oasis
    is the taste of you.


    why am i dripping ... at thoughts of you stripping ...
    your shimmering skin ... yearning to sin
    why am i dripping ... at thoughts of you nipping
    ... your talented lips ... teasing the tip ...
    why am i dripping ... at thoughts of you sipping ...
    dripping my cum on your tongue ...

    just not sorry

    To tell the truth, the whole truth, I'm just not sorry ... for misplaced words, incorrect verbs and adjectives that just don't fit
    for reversed verse and lines rehearsed, for abstract thoughts and blurred images
    words i've sought ... yet never found
    for changes made with undue haste & subjects broached with lack of taste
    unpolished poems with lack of tact ...
    as a matter of fact
    I'm just not sorry ...

    a simple poet

    If you are reading this ... it means we are no longer together
    and as I write these words, the thought saddens me and I wonder will I always feel this way
    ... the truth is we were only together long enough to fall in love ...
    then the demon dysthymia dragged you into the distance rarely to be seen or heard
    I am sorry that I could not rescue you ... I am sorry I could not be your knight in shining armour
    ... for in truth I am and always have been ... a simple poet
    nothing more ... nothing less ...

    the agony of love

    Tearing … ripping at the fabric of our being
    Like a storm inside our souls
    Forsaking our sanity
    We succumb to fate
    As we taste the agony of love

    the ecstasy of love

    Tearing … ripping at the fabric of our being
    Like a storm inside our souls
    Forsaking our sanity
    We succumb to fate
    As we taste the ecstasy of love


    Searching the Emptiness that is left behind by your absence
    For reasons that do not matter,
    I sit here with nowhere to go, no one to love and no one to love me
    Not wanting to go on with life … not wanting to end my life
    Not wanting to feel … anything
    How long will I feel the pain of this destruction?
    I feel the scars left behind and wonder
    Will they ever fade …Is it my destiny to hide them …
    To cover them up ... In shame … and fear …
    Of being alone


    Maybe I should have asked for directions ... A long time ago
    Maybe I shouldn’t have taken so many Wrong turns
    Maybe I should have kept both eyes on The road
    Instead of on you
    Maybe then I wouldn’t have Ran out of gas
    Leaving us stuck here


    My spell checker says There’s no such word
    But I know otherwize No other word
    Could describe The insanity
    Of our lives
    No other word Could pretend
    To initiate Such an end
    No other word Fills my eyes
    With tears I cannot cry

    no apology

    I will not apologize for wanting you
    Wanting to be inside you
    Around you and near you
    I will not apologize for missing you
    Wanting to kiss you ... Going down on you
    I will not apologize for loving you
    Wanting to talk to you ... Hearing you talk too
    I might as well apologize
    For breathing