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You will find here a listing of the day's English-language tennis stories from various sources.

The format of this site has now changed with the daily summaries giving way to a daily listing of tennis articles appearing in various outlets. A wider variety of sources will now be covered, with attempts made to include magazine articles and web news. The change is due partly to time constraints and partly to see if this may be a more efficient format for readers, so the original full-text version may reappear from time to time if circumstances call for it.

Thanks to everyone for their support of Court Coverage over the last couple of years -- if you got even a fraction out of reading the site that I got out of writing it, then we all did very well. I hope you continue to find it useful in its more abbreviated form.

August 2004

Before August 2004, the site carried a written update of the day's news

The idea for this page was sparked by the 2001 US Open, thanks to the staggering inaccuracies that often marked coverage of the tournament's two major controversies. While matching the speed at which these travelled halfway around the world would be impossible, it became clear that the truth can always use some help getting its boots on.

Having said that, trying to spot egregious errors and pointing out controversial opinions not presented as such is only one of the aims of this page, and not the main one at that. Tennis being the most international of major sports and one of the busiest, its coverage by the press is varied both geographically and seasonally. Reporting on what's being reported provides a snapshot of a sometimes sprawling and fragmented big picture. And most of all, the idea is to find good tennis reporting and recognise it as such.

Shamelessly or shamefully, the page is unilingual. But it is relatively comprehensive as far as the english-language press is concerned, looking at all or most of the papers that have staff coverage of the major tournaments. Generally, only broadsheets are covered -- not a problem as the mainstream press is quick to seize on anything particularly juicy that appears elsewhere.

I realize that this kind of webpage practically invites gleeful comments on its own mistakes. Feedback is always welcome.


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