version 1.00

Scandalous - a monophonic scanning oscillator
 virtual studio instrument

   ● independent speed control or pitch based speed control to scan across
      six oscillators with various waveshapes housed in two sections
   ● two envelope controls for each section
   ● portamento controls for each section
   ● reset selectors
   ● coarse and fine tune controls for each oscillator in section a
   ● lfo controls for each oscillator in section a
   ● filter and reverb effect units

Ridiculously Red
version 1.00

Ridiculously Red - a monophonic hybrid
virtual studio instrument

   ● three continuous oscillator selection banks
one continuous noise oscillator
gate switches for each bank and noise oscillator
pulse width control for each bank
coarse and fine tune controls for each bank
gate switches and amount control for additive noise to each bank
three buttons for experimental semi-modular routing
three modifiers to control experimental semi-modular routing
amplitude envelope controls for each bank: Delay, Attack, Peak, Hold,
      Delay1,Break-Point, Delay2, Sustain, Release, and Overall level
   ● three unique LFOs with oscillator bank routing destinations
   ● envelope retriggering and portamento controls
   ● patch independent velocity and volume controls
   ● knob automation bank with on/off switches, smoothness control,
      knob rotation amount, & rotation speed
   ● 63 non-automated patches, 64 knob automated patches, plus one
      blank patch
   ● synth pixel dimensions: 843w x 436h

version 1.00

kabgnals - frequency modulation/phase distortion
virtual studio instrument.

2 banks for oscillator selection
modulation & amplitude envelope control
adjustments and lfo controls for modulation, pulse width, pitch, and pan
low pass filter for bank one, and high pass filter for bank two

version 1.00

Thingumajig is a virtual digialog noise generating thingumajig.
Thingumajig can be set to sync with your VST Host or set to free run.
Thingumajig contains five oscillating thingamabobs:  three rythmic thingamabobs, one clicky thingamabob, and one semi-melodic thingamabob.
Three modifier doohickeys that control various whatchamacallits.
Three ADSRs with emphasis that control various whatchamacallits of the oscillating thingamabobs.
Three rows of blinkies with flow controls.
Three doodads that reduce certain oscillating thingamabobs without affecting other vibrations passing through it.
Three sync delay doodads.
A randomly controllable S&H gilhickie.
4 Mini-Style buttons.
Rows of sliding and rotating thingies.
Pretty light-emitting diodes.

 VST is a trademark of
 Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH.

Plugins created using SynthEdit
by Jeff McClintock.

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