Cameron: A Grandmotherís Tale of Her Grandson

On Halloween 2004 we were blessed with the birth of our second grandson. From his 1st birthday I have been his primary daycare provider. He has always been an easy child to care for. He didnít cry or make strange with anyone; always slept well; generally speaking, a good baby. In December 2006 I became aware that Cameron wasnít your typical 2 year old. At first everyone just thought his speech was delayed, having already dealt with his older brother whose speech WAS delayed. He walked late but then so did our youngest son, so that was no big deal. In hindsight Cameron never babbled. He rarely said anything unless he was crying for his Mama. I vaguely remember him saying Dada. He was obsessed with fans; watching them, spinning anything that would spin. Like I said before, I was his primary daycare providerÖ.but I wasnít his parent. I was his Grandparent; and not knowing how to approach a situation such as this, I just kept it to myself. In conversations that I would have with my daughter-in-law we would touch on the situation but only lightly. I think we both knew something wasnít right but didnít know what, so kept quiet. One day the following May 2007, I was reading an article in the local paper about a four year old child who had been recently diagnosed with Autism. It was right then and there that I knew what we were dealing with. It was like reading about Cameron. How could this be? I immediately called the phone number that was given in the newspaper. Once I had all my "ducks in a row" I sat down with my daughter-in-law and asked her what she thought. It was a very difficult conversation for both of us but we knew we were right. (I didnít speak to my son about this at the time. I think it was too emotional for me to begin with, but to suggest to my own son that he may be looking at a future of uncertainty with his own child was too much for me at the time). Diagnosed just prior to his 3rd birthday Cameron has made great strides in the past 2 Ĺ years. From that time forward we have all banded together as Cameronís support team. There are so many things that we have done and have yet to do. Cameron is such a delightful little boy who is attending Sr. Kindergarten this year. As his support team, we continue to find ways to develop his social skills and promote his long term progress.