"My furry best friend" Maggie’s Autism Dog

Our first daughter Maggie was born April 26-2004. From the moment of her conception she has been a difficult gift. Maggie was born beautiful and perfect after a not so perfect pregnancy. Once she came home all was good and challenging. She was not what we believed to be a typical child. After almost 3 years we discovered that Maggie had autism. Through therapy and every little step we have taken she is a strong willed and joyous 5 years old. Each day we face difficulties and endeavor to overcome them by any means possible. Two years after Maggie’s diagnosis our youngest daughter Lorelai was also diagnosed with autism. She faces her own unique daily challenges.

Recently we have been exploring options of therapy to help ease Maggie’s social anxiety and the stresses of daily living. Although we have great community support and a patient respite care worker; simple outings and routine changes can be difficult and cause stress for everyone involved. After examining other options we have come across Autism Dog Services. These dogs are specially trained to deal with individuals with autism. They are loving companions and will possibly be Maggie’s first best friend. We are also looking forward to the personal and social opportunities this will create for Maggie.

After going through the application process we have become part of the Autism Dog Services family. Since our approval into this program for our own service dog; we await its arrival in 12-15 months from now. Our family will be receiving a dog from Wade Beattie @ Autism Dog Services. He has partnered with us to offer Maggie this amazing opportunity and we greatly appreciate it. If you wish to learn more about the work he is doing visit www.autismdogservices.ca.

This process has placed us with a challenge we can not face alone. We are looking for community support through donations and sponsorship to help us to raise the $18 000 needed to bring our new friend home. Anyone is able to donate on our behalf by sending a donation made out to "Autism dog services- Maggie’s autism dog". All information about donating is on their web site. Although our goal is to raise money it is also to raise awareness about autism services such as this that are available. I urge you to pass this info on to anyone who you think would benefit. The more we participate in these programs the stronger they become. If anyone is interested in following our progress join our face book group My furry best friend. Thank you for your support!