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LOL! e-Bikes is a cool little Canadian company providing high quality e-bikes to the Ontario market. Our bikes offer superior value and unique, innovative features. 

While recognizing that e-bikes fill a very practical human need, our philosophy is that e-biking should also be fun, fit and friendly. Having fun with your bike will translate into more time spent riding.  More time riding is good for the Earth and translates into greater health and fitness benefits for you. This combination of fun and fitness translates into human transportation that is friendly... Friendly to your pocketbook, friendly to your body and friendly to Mother Earth.

All of our e-bike models are real bicycle designs, meant to be peddled in concert with the electric power assist.  You won't find any scooters here. Our line of quality ELC electric bikes is loaded with innovative features and put very simply, we offer more bike for the money.

LOL! e-Bikes is firmly committed to making our business fun, friendly and caring, with emphasis on personal attention.  We want to ensure that each and every one of our customers is thrilled with their purchase and with their LOL! e-Bikes experience.

 Commuter Model
Zoomer ModelMTB Model

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Earth Day Interview on CJUL AM1220

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LOL! e-Bikes: “So Much Fun, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!”

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