I Love My Lolly!


The ELC Zoomer

  • Simple, fast and fun!
  • Step-through frame makes this e-bike exceptionally easy to mount & dismount
  • No shifting, no gears, this is a very simple bike to operate
  • Powerful 350W hub drive motor @ 48 volts provides extra "zoom"!
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Safety features include turn signals, front and rear lights, powerful electric horn, left & right mirrors
  • Turn signals give both visual and audio indication for extra safety in those busy urban environments
  • Keyed "ignition" switch
  • Motorcycle-style throttle control
  • 48V high capacity 12 A-h batteries are reliable and easily replaced at low cost
  • Removable battery with convenient folding handle can be carried indoors for charging, secures to the frame with a key lock
  • Battery meter works like a "gas gauge" showing you remaining charge level
  • Electric series brake levers automatically cut out motor when brakes applied
  • Front and rear servo brakes for safe and reliable stopping power
  • Front fork suspension
  • Premium saddle
  • Front basket
  • Heavy duty rear carrier with welded frame folds out to carry an amazing amount of cargo!
  • Robust kickstand keeps bike vertical and reduces tipping hazard, especially with cargo on board
  • Full fenders
  • UL listed "smart" charger with LED status display, automatically detects battery level to avoid overcharging

Note: Zoomer now ships with dual mirrors and extra large robust cargo rack, not as shown. Luggage box not included.

LOL! e-Bikes: “So Much Fun, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!”

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