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What makes LOL! e-Bikes different?



Our e-bike models are all real bicycle designs and they are meant to be peddled in concert with the electric power assist.  That is a huge selling point for us.  We don't carry those scooter designs which in many cases couldn't be peddled even if your life depended on it.  The scooters were typically developed for mass markets in Asia and the primary usage of the peddles is to let them pass for e-bikes under the current Ontario law. 

The province had some very clear intentions when it introduced the current e-bike legislation.  Ontario's Ministry of Transportation has expressed concerns regarding the scooter style of e-bike design.  This could potentially mean changes to their status in the future, according to the MTO web site:

" ... The ministry has become aware of scooter-style vehicles that technically meet the pilot's e-bike definition, but not the intent, as they are not primarily operated by muscular power due to their heavy weight. Therefore, in addition to evaluating how safely the e-bike can integrate with other motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, the emergence of the scooter-style e-bikes requires the ministry to also assess if the pilot's original intent continues to be appropriate. The ministry may clarify its position on the original intent of the pilot when final legislation is drafted... "

The advantages of our bicycle-style designs are numerous:

Fun: Take our word for it, a well integrated bicycle design is a lot of fun to ride.  It is a far more engaging experience than just sitting back with the "throttle" cranked open.

Reliability: If  you fully discharge the battery, or in the event of an electrical breakdown, you won't be left stranded.  Peddling these bikes without power is much like peddling a regular bicycle. There is a modest weight penalty due to the battery and motor - but not much different than the backpacks that accompany our students to school each day.

Cost of ownership: By utilizing 95% standard bicycle componentry your e-bike is pretty simple to maintain. Bicycle parts and supplies are readily available and many owners will find it easy and desirable to perform their own routine maintenance.

Repairs: Maintenance and repairs can be performed by most local bicycle shops - in sharp contrast to designs relying on proprietary parts, which can be expensive and difficult to find.

Versatility: Our traditional bicycle form factor offers versatility that you simply cannot enjoy with other designs.  You'll find our bikes are fairly easy to lift over stairs and curbs.  That makes it easier to get around in the city and to take your bike inside (which is vital in areas where security is a concern).  You can park safely and securely in standard bicycle racks. Your bike can legally travel on GO transit wherever bicycles are permitted.  You can also transport your bike on a car or motorhome using standard automotive bicycle racks. 

Range: Needless to say, the range you can achieve from a battery charge is extended when you provide some of the energy. That may not be terribly important for some users - at least not until the day they want to go that extra distance - but it can be an important consideration for long distance commuters.

Fitness: Our bikes are meant to be peddled in concert with the electric power assist. Of course you have the option of sitting back and letting the motor do all the work, but most riders find it natural and appealing to work along with the motor.  That can mean health and fitness benefits for you! 

Of course, the amount of energy you put into the ride is entirely your decision. For example, if you are on your way to work and don't want to arrive all hot and sweaty, you can let the motor do most or all of the work. We liken it to those moving sidewalks that you've seen at the airport.  Some people walk on the moving belt and travel much faster than they would unassisted. Other travelers may be eldery or tired or carrying a heavy load, and they prefer to let the machinery do most of the work.  The bottom line is that everybody gets where they're going faster and easier.  Your range is extended and your comfort is increased. That's the e-bike phenomenon!

Terrain handling: Most riders will peddle to assist the motor and sustain their speed when climbing a hill.  Conversely, you might choose to conserve battery power and peddle unassisted when taking a downhill run.  You'll quickly develop your own riding style and come to appreciate the combination of powered assistance with a well built bicycle design.

Safety: In crowded urban environments it can sometimes be safer and less stressful for everyone involved if you just turn off the motor and peddle in a careful, controlled manner like any other cyclist. (It still beats the heck out of pushing your ride!)

Flexibility: In addition to the generous complement of standard features on our ELC bikes, the market offers a vast selection of bicycle accessories of which you can take full advantage. These include carriers, saddle bags, car racks, look-at-me lights, handlebar extensions, gel seats, etc. You may already own some of these yourself.

We think ELC bikes set the standard where quality is concerned.  The attention to detail is obvious. Where competitors used inexpensive caliper brakes, ELC selected front and rear discs.  Where competitors gave eight gears, ELC provided 21.  Where they used no-name derailleurs, ELC went with Shimano. Where other companies skimped on features and accessories, ELC went all the way.  You'll appreciate ELC's choice of saddles, lighting systems, "fuel" gauges and accessories. Check out the removable/lockable batteries, the superior braking and safety features, and the integrated security systems.

You will also be pleased to know that because ELC was first introduced in the American market, all three models were designed to meet and exceed U.S. Consumer Safety

LOL! e-Bikes and ELC have introduced a number of innovative features that we think are winners!

Diverse Product Line: Even with a heavy dose of bicycle DNA, there is plenty of diversity represented in our product line, from the Commuter's sophistication and performance, to the Zoomer's captivating blend of simplicity and comfort, to the MTB's simple, reliable affordability.

Batteries: Our batteries are removable and lockable on all models, attaching to the frame with a keyed lock and a thick bolt that holds the battery securely in place. A removable battery can be really handy. Imagine you've been doing a lot of riding one day and now you are at grandma's apartment (or your office or the college or the library or wherever). While you are visiting you would like to top up the battery for your return trip. You brought your charger along but now you have a problem: Grandma's building doesn't have an outdoor outlet that you can find.  It's a good bet she isn't going to appreciate you wheeling the bike through the lobby, up the elevator and into her12th floor apartment! With ELC's design, that's no problem at all.  You simply unlock the battery and carry it inside by its convenient folding handle. 

If you are a long distance commuter or really intense rider you may also appreciate the ability to keep a spare battery on standby.

12 volt DC outlet: Our ELC Commuter model comes standard with a 12V socket which allows you to power various accessories using the battery. Very handy for charging and/or powering your cell phone, GPS, iPod, Blackberry, etc.  With the use of a 120V inverter you can even run small appliances.  (Charge your laptop?  Your digital camera?  Whip up a smoothie in your Magic Bullet?)
If you have seen our exhibit at consumer shows you may remember that we power our entire booth "off the grid" using this feature. 

Solar power option: LOL! e-Bikes is proud to have introduced Canada's first solar charging e-bike. Our folding 50 watt solar panel is the ultimate in green e-bike technology!

Our ELC bikes incorporate standard security features which offer increased peace of mind. 
Note: Even though your bike is equipped with excellent security features, we still recommend that you seek out high visibility locations and use a good quality bicycle lock to secure your bike to a bicycle rack or other immovable object.

Key: All models require an "ignition" key to run the motor.

Alarm: When activated with the "ignition" key, an integrated alarm system (much like a car alarm) detects movement of the bike and triggers a loud audio alert.  If movement ceases, the alarm silences after a few seconds. If movement continues, the alarm escalates into a full fledged pandemonium! Very effective to attract the attention of passersby if anyone messes with your machinery.  (Commuter and MTB models)

Remote: A remote control keyfob activates and deactivates the alarm. (MTB model)

Wheel lock: A large bolt on a keyed lock passes through holes in the rear disc brake, making it impossible for the rear wheel to rotate (Commuter model).

Battery lock: On all models the removable battery locks into the frame with a keyed lock and a thick bolt.

Storage compartment: A lockable storage compartment attached to the rear carrier rack is standard equipment on the Commuter model.

Keys, keys, keys: All three locking mechanisms are keyed to a single key on the Commuter - a lot of security and peace of mind, without needing to carry an entire keyring in your jeans!

Our strategy is to align pricing with competitive products while offering MORE: More features, more innovation, higher quality and superior design.  When you compare the quality and features of LOL! e-Bikes, we think you'll agree: LOL! e-Bikes are much more bike for the money.

LOL! e-Bikes: “So Much Fun, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!”

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