I Love My Lolly!


Canada’s First Practical, Affordable Solar Powered e-Bikes Available for Test Drives at the 2009 Toronto Green Living Show, April 24-26


Canada’s first family of practical, affordable solar powered electric bicycles will be featured at the 2009 Green Living Show, and available for test drives on an indoor track.  Three distinctive designs will be showcased by Oakville, Ontario based “LOL! e-Bikes” along with a portable folding solar charger for the ultimate in sustainability and Earth friendly human locomotion. The e-bike is an innovative transportation technology that is healthy for both the environment and the rider.  LOL! e-Bikes offers affordability, healthy living, fitness and FUN. So much fun, you’ll laugh out loud!  Complete information at www.LOLe-Bikes.com or info@LOLe-Bikes.com.

Click HERE for LOL! e-Bikes promotional video

LOL! e-Bikes: “So Much Fun, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!”

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