I Love My Lolly!

About Us

LOL! e-Bikes is a cool little Canadian company providing high quality e-bikes to the Ontario market. Our bikes offer superior value and unique, innovative features. 

While recognizing that e-bikes fill a very practical human need, our philosophy is that e-biking should also be fun, fit and friendly.  Having fun with your bike will translate into more time spent riding. More time riding translates into greater health and fitness benefits.  The combination of fun and fitness translates into human transportation that is friendly: Friendly to your pocketbook, friendly to your body and friendly to Mother Earth.

Our e-bike models are all real bicycle designs.  They are meant to be peddled in concert with the electric power assist.  That is a huge selling point for us.  We don't carry those scooter designs which in many cases couldn't be peddled even if your life depended on it! 

LOL! e-Bikes is family owned & operated. It's a real team effort between Brian Mounce and daughters Kathleen and Lauren. Even Grandma chips in from time to time! Brian has been a passionate e-biker for years and has owned a number of different models.  He covers a lot of miles on his e-bike, running errands around town and leaving the family car in the driveway as often as possible. It's amazing how many groceries he can carry in his saddle bags and backpack! He also commutes 60 km/day to attend college part time in nearby Burlington.  Brian will be seen biking twelve months of the year, whenever weather permits.

Together, this family loves the bikes and we are firmly committed to making our business fun, friendly and caring, with emphasis on personal attention. We want to ensure that each and every one of our LOL! e-Bikes customers are thrilled with their purchase and with their e-biking experience. 

Please join us in fun and friendship - and together we can do our small part to help save Mother Earth... one e-bike at a time!

LOL! e-Bikes: “So Much Fun, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!”

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