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Smiths Falls, Ontario
Automation Technician

The above pic is the Deer I hit while riding with the lads. If you have ever been down the road that goes from port Elmsley to Rideau Ferry you will know where I am talking about. It was about 2:30pm when it jumped out in front of me. I had no chance of getting out of the way. The thing came out of nowhere and I had no where to go but into it head on. The R1 I was riding at the time was sold afterwards and now I have a Gixxer 1000. I just hope that if anyone else ever hits a Deer they will fair out as well as I did. I bruised my ankle and right side of my body basically, with no broken bones. Conor and Trevor were following me at the time and trevor almost hit it after I did. He told me afterwards that the Deer did about 6 360's in the air after being hit. Keep your eyes open at all times and scan the ditches for them.

Rob has his new Gixxer and the first week he had it he dumped it doing a burnout. Very upsetting. He just had it painted (very custom looking).

Last updated August 8, 2005

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