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band: Pantychrist
album: Never Love Anything
released: 2005
label: AMP Records

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track listing:
1. Liar
2. Fatal Swirly
3. Rough Me Up
4. Carve My Name Into Your Chest
5. Money
6. Never Love Anything
7. The Cunt Song
8. Rock 'N' Roll
9. Say You're Beautiful
10. Concussed
11. Pink House
12. Suicide
13. Freddy



Hamilton, Canada's infamous Pantychrist take no prisoners on their AMP Records debut!!!  A full throttle blast of estrogen fueled aggression: angry, intense and unrelenting.  The power and energy of their legendary live performances has been captured on the 13 tracks that make up Never Love Anything.  Owing more to The Plasmatics and the Slits than the shiny disposable pop punk that pollutes the airwaves today, Pantychrist are the real deal.  Raw acidic vocals, buzzsaw guitaring, thundering bass playing and pummelling drums explode in a blaze of melody and rage.  Weaving a path of musical annihilation and leaving a trail of broken hearts and broken bones, Pantychrist prove they Never Love Anything.

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AMP Records is an international record label from Hamilton, Canada specializing in the best in melodic punk rock and underground rock and roll from around the world.  We have put out over 75 releases since 1997 and are committed to providing a quality alternative to the over priced corporate labels forcing cookie cutter bands down our throats.