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A Canadian Site, eh?

Welcome to My Little Sled Space on the Web.  I am a Collector of old sled stuff.   
If you have Sled Stuff to Sell, Trade or if you Need some sled stuff, be sure to use the FREE Classifieds. If you want to chat about old sleds, have a question to ask, or want to chat about sleds, the feel free to post in the Sled Chat Forum.   ALSO - be sure to check the LINKS page for PARTS and HELP.
- MARCH 25, 2007 Update -
For those that might have noticed, I have not updated my site in a while - but only because other projects have taken up my time - I hope to, before the summer, get my site completely updated and post ALL the new photos I have received over the past while (Thanks guys and gals!).
SO - in the meantime - here is a quick sled video to keep you entertained!
Song is "12/3 Elan" by Buddy Whatzhisname and the Other Fellas.

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January 2006 - My All Original 1972 Ski-doo 340 T'NT

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