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1969 Ski-Doo Nordic
Ok - people have asked why I am into old sleds- Answer is in the form of the earliest know photo to exist of me around a snowmobile.  Yup - that's me - barely a year old and checking out a sled and the snow conditions!

1965 Ski-Doo Olympique 250 cc Single
The oldest sled in the collection- a 1965 Ski-Doo Olympic and it runs great.  It will be all restored some day, but my main goal now is to find an original headlight, carb cover and ignition switch.

Me out Riding the 65!

Rare? 1967 Snow Hawk Model 252 - Made by the Eagle Tie Company in London, Ontario, Canada. 

1969 Ski-Doo 320E - Electric Start - Now in B.C.!
This 1969 Ski-Doo 320E Olympic This sled was owned by our family. 

1970 Ski-Doo 335
My Uncle's  1970 Ski-Doo 335 in Good Original Condition - even the seat is original!  Runs like a top! 

1971 Ski-Doo Nordic 399 - Now in Barrie!

1974 Elan 250 Twin Deluxe
Yet another project, My 1974 Elan 250 Deluxe Twin.

1970 Moto-Ski 500 - Now owned by Mr. Moto-Ski

My Old 1972-73 OMC Sleds
Here are some 1972-1973 OMC / Evirude / Johnson Sleds I used to own.  There is a 427 Bobcat, a 27 Norseman, a Johnson 27 & a 399 Bobcat. 

1989 Citation LSE - now in Oshawa.

1968 Olympique 250
 - a nice fairly complete sled - even has complete air box with snowflake emblem! 

1972 Olympique 335  - I Blew the Piston!!!!

1970 Olympique 300 - Needs some work, but check out the optional bush bar!

1968 Olympique - Nice litle sled - older restoration!

1967 Ski-doo Olympique - another project!

Believe it or not, but I found another 1965 Ski-doo!

1971 ELAN 250 E -

1970 Olympique with a 68 Hood - I found a hood for it!

My 1971 All Original, 1971 TNT 440 Ski-doo

My All Original, 1972 TNT Ski-doo 340


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Welcome to
My Family Sleds Page
Here you will find pictures of Sleds owned - either in the past or currently - by myself or some one in my family.

1970 Moto-Ski Capri 340
My Dad's 1970 Moto-Ski Capri, with what is believed to be a 340 cc motor, taken in the 1970's - It was the first sled I was ever on -   It was scrapped before I was old enough to know much about it.

MY 1971 Ski-Doo Olympic 399cc when I got it.

MY 1971.5 Ski-Doo Olympic 399cc NOW
A Current Project - MY 1971 Ski-Doo Olympic 399cc Twin.  The hood, (original) seat & back rest came off of a donor 1972 sled that had body rot.

1969 Ski-Doo 320E - Electric Start - Now in NFLD!
This is a 1969 Ski-Doo 320E Olympic - the E stands for Electric Start.  This sled was owned by our family. 

1968 Super Olympique (Factory)
My Uncle's  1968 Super Olympic.

1972 Ski-Doo - Now in Sled Heaven - R.I.P.
Here is a sad and rough 72 Olympic 335, it was beyond saving and so was parted out.   R.I.P. 1972-2004

1975/78 Elan 250T - Now In Wunnumin Lake, ON
This is a 1975 / 78 Elan 250T - Body from one, hood from another. 

1972 Moto-Ski Capri - Now in Orono, ON
Here is a 1972 Moto-Ski Capri -  This machine is now restored by the new owner!

1973 Moto-Ski 295F
This is a 1973 Moto-Ski 295F - where the F stands for Family.  This belongs to my other uncle.

1973 Scorpion 440 TK - Now in Bowmanville, ON
Here is a 1973 Scorpion 440 TK that I owned for one winter.  It had a 440 Ski-Doo motor in it. 

1974 RUPP 440 Nitro - Now in N.Y.!

1968 Super Olympique 300e - Has Found a New home!

1970 Olympique 300 - Some odd colouring, but has optional bush bar!  Runs good.

My Pair of 1973 Ski-doo TNT Silver Bullets - both 340's, one with sliders and one with bogies!

1980 John Deere 340 SpitFire - It ain't yellow, so it is looking for a new home!

1967 OMC SnowCruiser model 157.  This one found a new home real fast!

1971 Ski-doo Olympic 399 Twin with Sliders

1974 Elan 250 Single Ski-doo

Ah - Those summer days with a Rotax under you!
This next one is just me having fun - cause you gotta get a sled type fix some how in the summer!  Dig me on the Sea-Doo or my Wakeboarding buddy. 

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