Different kinds of Sit Up Exercises

On March 6 2002, Edmar Freitas, a weight-training instructor, did 111,000 sit-ups in twenty-four hours. Freitas ate an energy bar and drank a glass of coconut milk to keep up his energy and strength while performing the sit-ups. He was also allowed a five minute break every four hours so he could go to the bathroom.

  • Basic Sit Up

  • Sit Up with various hand positions
  • Alternate Elbow to Knee Sit Ups
  • Sit Up and Hold
  • Inclined Board Sit Up
  • Jacknife Sit ups
  • Commando Situps
  • Bicycles
  • Punching Sit Ups
  • Team Sit Ups

  • How to do the basic Sit up

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your knees off the floor, feet flat on the floor
  • Place your hand onyour stomach and look up at the ceiling, keep the small of your back pressed in to the floor
  • Breathe in, Sit Up, raising your backoff the floor as much as you can, exhale as you go up.
  • Lie back down to the starting position
  • If you exeprience lower back pain, reduce the number of repititions or stop.
  • Pause for a moment and repeat.
  • Sit Up with various hand positions

    While doing Sit Ups, you can vary the hand position to increase the difficulty and intensity of the exercise. Both the hand positionsbelow, target the upper abdominal muscles.

  • While doing Sit Ups, grap your shirt collar.
  • Keep your fingertips to your temples as you do Sit Ups
  • Alternate Elbow to Knee Sit Ups

  • Begin in the basic Sit Up position but with your fingertips on your temples
  • Your knees should be bent and your legs apart slightly
  • As you Sit Up, touch your left elbow to your right knee, or try to !
  • Go back down and repeat, this time touching your right elbow to your left knee
  • You may wish to have someone hold your feet on the floor at all times, or hook your feet under a heavy object like a sofa.
  • A variation is to repeat right and left knee touches continually without lying all the way back down
  • Sit Up and Hold

  • Start lying down in the basic sit up position.
  • Lift yourself up halfway and hold for a count of ten
  • Breathe normally as you hold yourself up
  • You can increase the duration of the hold but pay attention to the strain on your lower back
  • Inclined Board Sit Up

    Inclined boards are great ways to increase the intensity in a sit up. Just make sure the board is securely fastened before you start. Nothing worse than injuring yourself trying to get fit !

    Maximus Adjustable Abdominal Crunch Bench

  • Position the inclined board at the first or lowest height position
  • Lie on the board in the normal sit up position
  • Hook your feet in the strap at the end of the board
  • Perform sit ups with your fingertips touching your temples
  • If you can easily do 15 repetitions, try raising the board to the next height and repeating the exercise
  • Jacknife Sit ups

    Unmercifully intense !

  • Start in the basic sit up position, with hands at your sides
  • Lift your legs in the air without bending your knees, and lift your head and shoulders simulteaneously so your whole body makes a nice "V" shape. Touch your fingertips to your feet, or try to.
  • Release and go back to the starting position
  • Commando Situps

    Sensei Oscars favourite. Rating - Pure hell ! Surprisingly popular with kids too, when they do this with a partner.

  • You can do these Sit Ups by your self with some equipment or with a partner with no equipment
  • You nee a strong table, like a heavy park picnic table, with someplace to secure your .It must be strong, you must not fall off !
  • Sit on top of the table and get into the sit up position with your hands at your fingertips and your back hanging over the edge of the table
  • Your feet must be secured !
  • As you go down, lower your body over the edge of the table
  • Might be wise to have a freind to help if you cant get back up !
  • Do sit ups using this extra range of motion

  • You can do this with a partner too, and its slightly safer.
  • Have your partner on their knees, with their back parallel to the floor and their hand on the floor
  • Lie on your partners back with your legs draped over their shoulders. Your partner will then grab each of your ankles to keep you stable.
  • Do your sit ups by lowering your head to the floor and completing the sit up.
  • Try to avoid falling off, Usually this is the part that makes this exercise fun for kids !
  • Bicycles

  • Done in the sit up position, but with your feet in the air
  • Keep your fingertips at your temples, and pretend you are pedalling a bicycle with your feet
  • Pedal really slowly, holding your head and shoulders slightly off the floor and rocking your shoulders back and forth to the pace of your pedalling
  • Try pedalling slowly with short bursts of pedalling as fast as you can
  • Punching Sit Ups

  • Lie in the sit up position and have a partner sit on your feet, to keep you stable
  • The same partner holds a small punching bag or timing bag
  • Sit Up halfway and punch the bag held on your right with your left hand.
  • Punch with your right hand across your body to the bag held on the left
  • Lie back down and repeat quickly.

    Chinning / Sit-Up Bar from Everlast

    Team Sit Ups

    This is hard and a lot of fun. Its like doing the wave at a sports stadium, only harder.

  • A team of people, 20 or more sit in a circle, facing in.
  • Everybody holds hands
  • First person lies back down and starts to come up.
  • As soon as the first person goes down, the next person starts to go down
  • Timing is everything, If everybody does their situps in sequence, it looks like a wave going around the circle.
  • Its a lot harder than you think !

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