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Over the years we have done a lot of Push ups at the Karate and the Hapkido club. On this page we will share with you some of the Pushups we do regularly and others that we have experimented with. Push Ups are fantastic exercises and dont require fancy equipment. Everyone can do them from Children to the Elderly. Like everything else just start off slow and work up to more repititions and more intensity.

  • The basic push up
  • One handed push up
  • Fingertip push up
  • Push ups on the backs of your hand
  • Diamond and wide push ups
  • Ballistic push ups
  • Hindu push up
  • Knuckle push ups
  • Progressive push ups
  • Wall and three quarter push ups
  • Push ups with chairs
  • Slow Push Ups
  • Team push ups

  • How to do the basic push up

    The World Record for non-stop pushups is 10,507 by Minoru Yoshida of Japan on October, 1980. If you think you can do more, heres instructions about how to do them properly.

  • Lie down on the floor, chest down. Palms are flat on the floor about a shoulder-width apart and level with your shoulders. Your feet are together and your legs are and back are straight
  • Look forward and as you go down , make contact with the floor with your chin
  • When you come up, dont bend or arch your upper or lower back as you push up. Apart from being poor form this makes you look like a floundering lobster !
  • Breathe out as you go up.
  • Pause and then repeat the process

  • Power Push-Up 2 Once you have mastered the basic push up, there are many many ways to customize it to your liking and fitness level. Some of them are very challengeing, others are great fun to do with freinds. Experimenting with these will help keep you motivated - well, hopefully.

    The One handed Push Up

  • Spread your legs apart
  • place one hand beneath the center of your chest
  • with your free hand place it in the small of your back
  • try to do five repitions
  • these push ups place a heavy strain on the elbow, so dont overdo it
  • repeat with the opposite side
  • The fingertip push up

  • Begin the push up on your fingertips, with your hands shaped like bear claws
  • Set your hands about 3 feet apart
  • Increase the difficulty by succesively lifting fingers off the floor
  • Work up to doing forefinger and thumb pushups

  • Push Ups on the backs of the hands

  • Lie face down on the floor with the hands under your chest, the backs of your hands on the floor
  • Try to do ten pushups
  • As your skill increases, do the pushup and come up fast enough to lift your hands off the ground and flip your hands over to the normal push up position
  • This hurts !, be careful.

    Diamond push ups and Wide push ups

  • Bring your thumb and forefinger together in the shape of a diamond
  • Do push ups with your hands in the center of your chest
  • For a wide push up, place your hands 4 feet apart

  • Ballistic push ups

  • Do basic push ups and come up so fast you can clap your hands together before going down
  • For an even greater challenge, spin your whole body around before lowering down again
  • Hindu push up

  • Start in a push up position
  • push yourself forward as well as going down and arch up your back
  • reverse the whole process and end with your legs straight and your body at 90 degrees to your legs. Hands stretched out in front.
  • Knuckle push ups

  • Find a hard floor surface
  • Do push ups using the first two knuckles of each hand
  • Gradually build up callouses untill you can drive nails into 2x4's with your knuckles !
  • Progressive Push Ups

  • Find yourself a willing partner who is a s crazy as you are
  • You do one push up while your partner stands next to you
  • Your partner jumps over your back, then dives under you while you are in push up position with your arms extended
  • You do two pushups
  • Partner jumps over you and dives under you as before
  • Keep this up untill you do one last set of ten pushups
  • Switch places with your partner and he does the pushups, you do the jumping and diving, this gives you a rest!
  • Both you and your partner collapse in pain
  • Wall and three quarter pushups

  • These push ups take some of the weight off the hands and so are a little easier to do for beginners
  • Push up off the wall with feet at ever increasing distance from the wall
  • Move the feet further away from the wall in increase resistance
  • Three quarter push up is done like a normal pushup but with knees on the floor
  • For more resistance, increase the distance the hands are out in front of you
  • Chair Push Ups

    Warning - make sure you use chairs that are strong and sturdy, that wont tip over or break. A lot of people break chairs or have the chairs fall over doing this one so dont use your Moms favourite chair!
  • Get three strong chairs, arrange them so they are under your feet and hands, while you are in the push up position
  • Do regular Push Ups and go down much deeper, below the level of your hands

  • A simple alternative to doing chair push ups is to use a device called the
    Perfect Push Up. Its much safer than using a chair and you have the benefit of a good strong grip to support yourself. The handles allow you to get a great range of motion in the exercise.

    Slow Push Ups

  • Start in push up position with chest on the ground
  • Lift your chest six inches off the floor, hold for a count of ten
  • Lift yourself up twio inches more, hold for count of ten
  • Continue rising two inches at a time and counting to ten
  • Go down all the way and repeat.....if you can !
  • Team Push Ups

    This one requires coordination and teamwork
  • Get together with a bunch of freinds, get down on the floor, in a line, in the push up position
  • The person in front puts his feet on the shoulders of the person behind
  • Everyone does pushups simulteaneously, or at least tries to!
  • Everyone must move up and down at once, does this slowly, even then you will all be falling down. Great Fun
  • The same exercise can also be done in a circle
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the types of pushups. If anyone else has more please drop me a line. Our team of experienced testers will check it out and add it to the list.

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