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We offer Chito Ryu Karate through Mississauga Parks & Recreation at many community centers throughout the city of Mississauga. Our programs are the most popular martial arts programs in the city with hundreds of children (and adults) enrolled.

Class Times 2009

Cawthra Community center
  • Mondays, Jan 12/2009 - Mar 09/2009, 6:30pm - 7:45pm, Beginners, Gynasium A & B, Sensei Kyoko
  • Mondays, Jan 12/2009 - Mar 09/2009, 7:45pm - 9:00pm, Yellow Belt and up, Gynasium A & B, Sensei Kyoko

  • South Common fitness center
  • Saturdays, Jan 10/2009 - Mar 21/2009, 12:30pm - 1:45pm, Beginners, Tempo Room, Sensei Kyoko
  • Saturdays, Jan 10/2009 - Mar 21/2009, 2:00pm - 3:15pm, Yellow Belt and up, Tempo Room, Sensei Kyoko
  • Sundays, Jan 11/2009 - Mar 22/2009, 12:30pm - 1:45pm, all belts, Tempo Room, Sensei Kyoko
  • Tuesdays, Jan 13/2009 - Mar 10/2009, 6:30pm - 7:45pm, all belts, Tempo Room, Sensei Dino

  • Rivergrove fitness center
  • Wednesdays, Jan 14/2009 - Mar 11/2009, 6:15pm - 7:30pm, all belts, Tempo Room, Sensei Willie
  • Wednesdays, Jan 14/2009 - Mar 11/2009, 7:35pm - 8:50pm, all belts, Tempo Room, Sensei Willie

  • Due to popular demand we have added classes outside of the Parks and Recreation schedule. Additional karate classes as well as Chukidokwan Hapkido classes for adults are held most Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Quoc-Wai Kung-Fu club on Semenyk Drive in Mississauga. Ask your instructor for details.

    Come and join us for a good workout, its a great way for the whole family to get in shape. The kids love it and so will you. We practice in the traditional way by emphasizing the basics but we have fun activities as well to keep the kids involved.

    Kigami Baraki 2009 is a great success!

    Kigami Baraki is a japanese celebration that means "to look in the mirror". We look back at what we have done in 2008 and come together to demonstrate our skills, always looking to how we can improve ourselves as martial artists and as people in 2009.

    Kigami Baraki 2009, was held at the Rivergrove Community Center on February 20/2009. All proceeds were donated to the Mississauga Jerry Love Childrens fund, which allows children to participate in recreational programs without cost. The money we raised was beyond our expectations.

    See our Kigami Baraki 2009 photos

    Kigami Baraki 2009

  • Most Wednesday nights, Sensei Willie heads up two classes back to back at the Rivergrove fitness center. These popular classes fill up fast. Click the link for Sensei Willies Rivergrove Class Page

  • Sensei Kyoko has some of the most popular karate classes in Mississauga. Sensei heads up classes at both Cawthra and South Common Community centers. Click the link for Sensei Kyoko's wildly popular Saturday, Sunday and Monday Programs Sensei Kyoko's Classes

  • We offer superb self defence training through our association with Grandmaster Chuck Platten and his Chukido-Kwan Combat Hapkido group. Click here for the Chukidokwan Hapkido page

  • For those people closer to Brampton who are interested in Hapkido training integrated with traditional Karate check out Sensei Brian's Chukidokwan and Chito Ryu karate club page

  • Please take a look at some of the Chito Ryu books and videos as well as other titles in the martial arts

  • If you are a student with a need to get into competitions and tournaments, we reccomend participating in the tournaments hosted by Bramptons Sensei Bill Pickells and the PMA. For Tournament Information check the PMA Website

  • Here is some useful information about Womens Self Defence

  • Karate uniforms have come along way since starting out as early Okinawan pyjamas. Check the link to learn the story behind the "Gi" or Karate Uniform.

  • We dont train like the Samurai used to but if you are interested in Iaido the "Japanese way of the sword" check the Japanese Samurai Sword link.

  • Sensei, when do we get to spar ?, Check here for background information about getting into sparring.
  • From the beginning karate was never meant to be an art dominated by muscle bound men, here is specific information about Womens karate

  • Here is a little background on the origins of karate styles

  • Japanese Archery or Kyudo is a great escape respite from the stress of the modern world. Heres a new course thats run by my freind Kyoshi Mann of Patersons Karate Works that helps you learn the basics: Japanese Archery
  • We love doing Sit Ups and Push Ups, heres a page about all the different kinds of Push Ups and Sit Ups you can do.

  • Having problems with flexibility gain ?, Some helpful hints about how to do a lower back stretch properly.

  • Check out some of the pictures from the South Common picture gallery Maybe you will find yourself here

  • Karate Clubs

    Dont live in Mississauga, but you have children who might enjoy traditional Karate training ? Here are some other clubs we know about and reccomend.

  • Burlington Tsuruoka Karate, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • Burlington Tsuruoka Karate has been active since 1969 and offers traditional karate instruction on a non-profit basis. This is a great place to train if you need to brush up on your kata or if you are looking to get a good start in the martial arts.

  • Shimakai Karate Dojo, Sensei Scott Teare, New Mexico, USA

    Sensei Scott Teare was a member of Mississauga Chito-Ryu for most of the 1990s before he moved to the USA. He is now located in New Mexico, where he has taken the spirit of karate as taught by Sensei Kojima and Sensei Oscar and introduced it to his students at New Mexico's premier science and engineering university. Sensei Teare maintains a close connection to Mississauga Chito-Ryu through Sensei Kojima.

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